The Marketplace Aspects of Inclusion

#Springboard’s mission is to mainstream #disability in the global workforce, workplace and #marketplace but not everyone gets the marketplace aspects of #inclusion especially when it comes to people with #disabilities.   I am so glad to see that #AmericanGirl not only gets it but truly walks the talk.  Yes, they have had a #wheelchair, glasses and #crutches for their dolls for some time but recently began to offer a miniature #service-dog in harness, a #hearing-aid, an #allergy-free lunch kit and even #dolls without hair to represent those who have lost hair to #cancer.  The best part is that not only are these for girls who have these #special-needs but they are for girls who don’t – what a way to raise #awareness and truly mainstream disability and to do so at an age that will set the course for a lifetime of #acceptance and #understanding.  Having just visited a local American Girl store, I learned that this year’s “Doll of the Year” McKenna is a talented gymnast who struggles with injuries and a #learning-disability and in the book and movie about her experiences, her friend and tutor, Jesse, uses a wheelchair.

As the mom of two #daughters with special needs, I send a heartfelt thank you to American Girl and say, way to go!


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