Physical Accessibility at the U.S. Capitol

The first analysis of physical #accessibility at the U.S. Capitol and the legislative office buildings surrounding it, was conducted by the Congress’ Office of #Compliance and found 154 “#barriers to #access” outside House office buildings with more than half deemed to pose #safety risks to those with #disabilities.

Inspectors also found numerous ramps or sidewalks that could cause #wheelchairs to flip backwards or fall sideways. A random check of six restrooms, in the congressional buildings, was also found to be out of #ADA compliance. #”ADAviolations” were even found in restrooms at the Library of Congress that were remodeled as recently as 2010 as well as in the brand new Capitol Visitor Center.

How can this be? Well it can, it is and it’s very sad. If your company was to conduct such a #Disability Barrier Assessment Survey, how would it fair? If you are unsure or are concerned with what assessment would show? Contact #Springboard at 973-813-7260 or via email at, to learn more about conducting such an important #assessment.

What you save in potential suits would be well worth the investment and the potential injuries you prevent would be priceless.


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