OFCCP Proposed Regulations

In the U.S. there has been a lot of concern of late relative to the #OFCCP’s proposed regulations that include a 7% hiring target of people with #disabilities. Although we don’t know what the final regulations will look like, I do believe we can expect this to be enacted in some form.

A number of employers have indicated that they are not going to really do anything different relative to the hiring of #PwD unless and until these regulations go into effect. Springboard’s concern with this position is that no company is going to be able to say, “Go” and suddenly have a flood of qualified candidates with disabilities.

Preparation is the key for successful and sustainable results. It comes down to organizational readiness, not just to identify the candidates but to ensure that #HR is armed with up-to-date job descriptions that include essential functions of the jobs and management is ready to hire, communicate with and support these individuals in an appropriate manner.

Other things to consider are current processes for #reasonable accommodations, #disclosure and #emergency preparedness. This is not going to be able to happen overnight. It is going to take time with a well-developed strategic plan that seamlessly integrates into a company’s corporate culture. Begin this most important planning today. Springboard can help and we won’t break the bank in the process. Call today, 973-813-7260.


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