Mr. Little and His Glass Work

When we think about the ADAAA with the focus not on someone’s disability but rather on how we can accommodate them, it makes me think of a recent story in Denver, Colorado. The story is about a scientific glass blower who had a massive stroke at age 36, leaving him only with the ability to lift his right index finger. The doctors told him he’s never walk or talk again and his insurance company wanted to place him in a nursing home.

As with many people who become disabled, he fought back physically and with great innovative thought and creativity. So while this man can no longer make glass tubes the size of needles, he devised a unique way of blowing, firing and holding the glass to make an amazingly beautiful array of ornaments which are selling like hotcakes. You can learn more about Mr. Little and his glass work by emailing

Remember… If there is a will, there is a way. In my mind, that’s what the ADAAA is all about.


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