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Hospitality Industry: Reluctant to Hire People with Disabilities

In a recent Hospitality Industry study published by University of New Hampshire, it was found that many in the U.S. hospitality industry may be reluctant to hire people with disabilities due to preconceived ideas that they can’t do the work effectively and that they’re more expensive to employ than their non-disabled peers. They also cited barriers such as the cost of workers’ comp and coworkers’ attitudes and discomfort about and around these individuals. Sounds like these folks could really benefit from training by Springboard. Although the study is published in the February issue of the Journal, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly, there is also an article referencing this study in the Jan 31st issue of US News. My concern with this article is that it appears in the HealthDay section which just reinforces a bad message, that disability is equated with illness or health in some way. It is not. A very healthy individual can have a disability – I have two very healthy daughters to prove it.


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