Georgia Tech

College Students Use Campus #Disability Services with Increasing Frequency. That’s what Georgia Tech and many other colleges are finding. Specifically, at Georgia Tech, this segment of their student population has outpaced enrollment. What types of #disabilities do their students have: ADD, ADHD, chronic health-related illnesses, psychological disorders and developmental disabilities such as Asperger’s.

According to an internal campus article, their assistant dean and director of #Disability-Services, Denise Johnson-Marshall said, “We want students to be judged by what they can do, not what they can’t. I’d rather see them fail because they didn’t study than because they didn’t have an #accommodation they needed.” #Accommodations could include a few extra minutes to take an exam or a testing location other than the regular classroom.

I love this quote. My greatest wish is for every college and every employer to hold this belief and act on it.


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