A Field Goal with only Seconds to Spare

Did you hear about the high school teen who won the football game for his underdog team by successfully making a field goal with only seconds to spare? If not, you should because the teen has #Autism. This was something he was practicing to do for years and said he knew he would be successful because of his #Autism. Individuals with #Autism are known for their relentless focus on things that interest them. In this case, the focus and repetitive practice was on successfully kicking a field goal. In fact he has been practicing his kick for years. The point his dad makes is one that everyone should consider: In this case, his son’s #disability was the advantage, not the #barrier. I wonder how many of you have open positions in your organizations where someone with a #disability may have unique #skill-sets as a result of the #disability that would make them the most qualified candidate.


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