Disability Gas Coalition

The United Spinal Association has joined with the Paralyzed Veterans of America to create the #Disability Gas Coalition, a national and state-level disability rights organization dedicated to restore refueling assistance at the pump for people living with disabilities. Some 15 million drivers with disabilities in the United States are unable to easily access gasoline at 159,000 stations nationwide. The Disability Gas Coalition was founded to give voice to this issue.

"For many drivers with disabilities traveling away from home, when it comes time to refuel, they are not sure what they will encounter--whether they will find a station with attendants that will assist them or whether they will have to drive around on fumes in frustration," said Paul J. Tobin, president and CEO of United Spinal Association. The solutions proposed by Disability Gas Coalition include:

  •  A well-identified pump designated for drivers with disabilities.
  • Clear signage at the pump posting hours when there is more than one employee on duty.
  • An oversized touch pad easily reached from the driver's seat to ask for assistance.
  • A nationally #accessible database showing where and when these services are available.

#Springboard would like to hear your own experiences and thoughts on how to remedy this issue.


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