Carlisle, United Kingdom

In one area in the #UK, Carlisle, #taxi-drivers have been warned they could be punished unless they learn how to look after #disabled passengers, requiring them to take part in a #Disability-Awareness-Training Session. In fact, Licensing chiefs are insisting they attend a two-hour course – after which they will sit a test – within the next 10 months so all are aware of their responsibilities. The move is in support of the #Disability-and-Equality-Act.

Across the UK, as in many countries, there have been a number of high-profile cases in recent years where passengers have been injured because they have not been carried properly in taxis.

Failure to complete the #training session could result in drivers being referred to the regulatory panel, which has the power to take sanctions against them and all new drivers must now complete the training before their license is granted.


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