36 million people and growing – the invisible disability

Can you name the three most common physical challenges people experience in the United States?

The health of the nation points to the first as heart disease. The age of the nation points to the second as arthritis.

Number three, however, may surprise you – hearing loss.

With 36 million Americans experiencing some form of hearing loss, you may be asking yourself, “Why isn't it more visible in the workplace?”

The Hearing Loss Association of America calls hearing loss an "invisible" condition because people can’t see hearing loss.

And despite its prevalence and strong treatment options, hearing loss still carries a social stigma. Therefore, people who struggle with hearing loss often keep it secret and are less inclined to self-identify – particularly in the workforce – for fear of potential ramifications.

Thankfully, there is a live telephone captioning for the growing number of employees struggling with hearing loss.

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