What would you do?

That’s the name of an ABC News show hosted by John Quinones. A recent episode aired that took place at a coffee shop in Morristown, NJ where two young women (actors), both of whom were deaf and signing were trying to apply for a job by having a conversation by verbal conversation and lip reading, with the manager (also an actor). The manager was outright discriminating against these women, telling them he cannot/will not hire them because they are deaf and cannot communicate even though they were communicating with him just fine. The idea was to see who, if anyone, would speak up on these women’s behalf. Unfortunately, only one customer spoke up, stating that the manager was acting very inappropriately and that he would no longer patron this establishment. Even more unfortunate were the three individuals, all of whom were HR professionals, who quietly counseled the manager that they understood his position, telling him it was okay to think this discriminatory practice but not okay to publicly state it. They suggested that he allow the women to complete the job applications and then just put a note on the back such as deaf or don’t hire. I do not text often but OMG!!!!!! I was so upset by this episode and to think that it took place only minutes from the Springboard office. In a million years I would not have expected to see and hear what I saw and heard and especially from HR professionals. There is just nothing left to say, except, what would you do?


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