Tokyo Bay Traders

Tokyo Bay Traders, a financial services company based in Tokyo, Japan, has announced a new Disability Action Plan to better meet the needs of customers and staff with a disability.

Developed as part of Tokyo Bay Traders Customer Disability Anti-Discrimination Policy, the new Disability Action Plan commits to address accessibility and usability issues in five the following key areas:

Communication – to ensure customer information is clear, accessible and usable by people with a disability. This includes the introduction of improved print size on brochures and assistance from interpreters for the hearing impaired.

Access to premises – this includes a new Property Access Review Panel to ensure legislative requirements on property access are being met and ongoing consultation with disability advocacy groups on access issues.

Improved access to products and services – including the creation of a Product and Service Review.

Advisory Panel - to ensure requirements of customers with a disability are met in the development of investment products and services and commitment to meet voluntary industry standards for on line services within 18 months where feasible.

Staff awareness and training – increase staff knowledge of disability issues through upgraded awareness training and the integration of disability issues in product-related training programs.

Foster a diverse and inclusive workplace – a commitment to working with advocacy groups to develop work placement programs for people with a disability and to identify high potential people who will contribute to the diversity of the workplace.


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