Three EEOC Cases

While on vacation a few weeks ago, the EEOC filed three disability related cases that once again, clearly shows the agency flexing its muscle around the issues of the ADAAA.

First there was a case against Ford, the second largest automaker in the U.S.., claiming that the company failed to provide a reasonable accommodation to an employee with a medical condition by refusing to let her telecommute and then criticizing her performance then firing her just months after complaining about being denied an accommodation.

In that same week, the EEOC filed another case, this time against SITA, an Atlanta-based company, on behalf of a job applicant who received an offer of employment to serve as the personal assistant to a company vice president, only to learn that she would need cancer surgery. According to the EEOC, the applicant asked that her start date be moved back, and that she be allowed to work part-time for the first two weeks but was refused and then had the job offer rescinded.

Then, just days after that case was filed, the EEOC filed another, against the Scooter Store, a national retailer, for refusing to accommodate an employee's request for a temporary leave of absence due to a knee injury and then fired him.

So, what is your company doing to ensure the EEOC does not come calling in this same manner?


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