Taco Bell

A federal judge has ruled that Taco Bell, owned by Louisville, Ky.-based Yum Brands Inc., violated federal and California laws protecting the disabled from discrimination at its restaurants.

This ruling stems from a class-action lawsuit customers with disabilities filed in December 2002. They alleged California stores failed to provide proper accessible parking, wheelchair accessible tables and restrooms and other accommodations required by state and federal laws. This ruling comes after a 2000 settlement regarding the need for Taco Bell to improve existing Colorado restaurants and include disabled access in new buildings and a 2007 order from a judge to fix problems with its lines, doors and tables.

The judge for the current ruling says the company is still out of compliance in several areas and "is not currently following its own access policies, and has a history of not doing so." She said Taco Bell managers failed to follow internal policies to inspect the store before it opened each morning to ensure it was in compliance with disability laws.

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