Service Animals for People with Neurological Disorders

New Zealand is about to have its first group of service animals for people with neurological disorders, thanks to the work of a woman who believes she owes her life to a German Shepherd following a horrific car accident.  Ms. Donne sustained brain damage in the accident 13 years ago and has now created a charity, the Kotuku Foundation, which she hopes will provide service dogs for people throughout the country.  There is currently no group in the country sanctioned to train service dogs so the Foundation is working closely with the police to train these animals for people with disabilities such as autism, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, post traumatic stress disorder, etc.

Springboard wants to wish Ms. Donne and her Foundation, the very best of luck in launching this most important service for New Zealanders in need.


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2 Responses to “Service Animals for People with Neurological Disorders”

  1. Erika says:

    Both the Perfect Partners Assistance Dogs Trust (estalbished 2007 – and the Assistance Dogs New Zealand Trust (established 2008 – received the ability to certify Disability Assist Dogs for people with neuroligical conditions on December 23, 2010. Both organisations have trained dogs for children on the Autism spectrum, and will work with other individuals who have a need for Disability Assist Dogs with Public Access. In the future Kotuku Foundation: Assistance Animals Aotearoa (established 2009) may also join these two organisations who were both established to select, train, and provide dogs for people with disabilities that fell outside the scope of the existing Disability Assist Dog organisations – being guide, hearing, mobility, and epilepsy assist dogs.

  2. Looking forward to introducing 2nd Chance at Life Greyhound Prison Partnership program and the Purple Heart Greyhound Service Dogs to New Zeland through our contact with Kutuku Foundation. Check us out at and
    Beverly Sebastian