New York City’s top 50 restaurants

Restaurants such as The Gramercy Tavern (as rated by Zagat) will now find themselves under the spot light of federal prosecutors, via a review of the most popular restaurants in Manhattan to determine if they are accessible to customers with disabilities. This review, which is being conducted under a congressional mandate to enforce the ADA, will ask these restaurant owners/operators to fill out surveys detailing their accessibility for people with disabilities. Investigators will then visit to confirm the responses and evaluate their compliance with ADA regulations. Should a restaurant be found to be deficient, they will be allowed time to correct the problems but if not corrected; these restaurants could be subject to a civil lawsuit brought by the government, in addition to fines. The restaurant review follows a similar program by the US Attorney targeting hotels in Times Square, an initiative that "vastly" increased the number of assessable rooms after 33 hotels entered into voluntary compliance agreements with the government. It’s unfortunate that compliance is still so often the driver to action, especially so when it comes to people with disabilities.


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