New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission: Sued

With so many of Springboard’s clients either located in or often traveling to New York City, I thought folks would want to know that United Spinal Association has sued New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission for discriminating against individuals who use wheelchairs by contracting with and licensing “group ride” van services that provide public transportation only for able bodied passengers. 

Recent elimination of bus routes by the MTA prompted the TLC, an agency of the City of New York, to contract with and license private van companies to operate “group ride” services for the public along the former bus routes.

“The TLC’s failure to require that these ‘group ride’ vans provide transportation for wheelchair users is symptomatic of a larger problem that continues to be ignored by New York City agencies at the expense of the city’s tax-payers; the increase in on-going, cost prohibitive para-transit services in lieu of providing basic transportation services that meet ADA requirements,” said Paul Tobin, President and CEO of United Spinal Association.


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