Hans Smith: A College Student with Disabilities

Can you imagine what it must be like to use a wheelchair and not even have the ability to dress or feed yourself yet have the ability to play baseball via a video game?  I am told, it is amazing.  And thanks to Hans Smith, a college student with disabilities, a Sony design team and A.D.V.A., the Association for Disabled Virtual Athletes, an organization Mr. Smith is starting with the hope of making games more accessible to those who can play sports only via a video game; accessible gaming is becoming a reality. One such game is the very popular baseball video game, MLB The Show. This is a very important issue to address, with approximately 33 million Americans with disabilities playing video games, as estimated by the AbleGamers Foundation and more and more video games relying on physical ability and dexterity to successfully operate.  It is equally important from the standpoint of socialization.  People with disabilities have a greater tendency than their non-disabled peers to become socially isolated, even when it comes to online gaming.  Why?  Because online competitors have had to traditionally be on the same settings but that obstacle has been eliminated with this new edition of MLB The Show.  I can’t wait to see what comes next.


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