EEOC Sues Placement Company in Maryland

According to a recent lawsuit, the EEOC is suing the placement company, Randstad US, in Maryland, for disability bias in their refusal to hire applicant with Asperger’s (an Autism spectrum disorder).

Based on his qualifications for the lab technician position he sought, Randstad had originally fast-tracked O’Dell’s participation in the hiring process. But while completing the hiring paperwork, O’Dell disclosed his disability. Soon after, he was told that the lab technician position had been put “on hold,” the EEOC said. O’Dell was not hired, according to the commission, and Randstad continued to recruit and hire for the lab technician position.

Was this a case of outright discrimination or incorrect assumptions and fear about individuals with disabilities and their ability to be productive employees or both?

I’ll let you decide but either way, it has now become an issue where the EEOC is seeking monetary and injunctive relief, including back wages, compensatory and punitive damage, as well as employment policies and training to eliminate future discrimination because of disability.

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