Diabetes and Travel

Do you have employees who wear insulin pumps for their diabetes and travel for business?  If so, your corporate travel department may want to provide the following guidance regarding wearing the pumps through security. 

According to Minimed, people wearing insulin pumps should not go through the new body scanners at airports as they can interfere with the pump motors. They suggested either to do the pat down, or to remove the pump and hand it to a known person (if and when possible), not a TSA representative. They also warned that the pumps should not be placed on the conveyor belt. Therefore, if someone chooses to remove their pump (which the TSA cannot require someone to do) it will need to be hand checked or wanded (which requires them to touch it...). The old style metal detector/archways are fine and do not interfere with the pump.


This information should not be construed as "legal advice" for a particular set of facts or circumstances.  It is intended only to be a practical guide for participants familiar with this subject.  Users should seek appropriate legal advice tailored to address their specific situation.