Can it be?

Another airline passenger with a disability has a humiliating experience. This time it was a man in Colorado who is quadriplegic and was forced off a Frontier Airlines plane because the pilot said it was not safe for him to fly using the airline seat-belt extension to secure his chest and legs to the seat as he has done on other flights – the pilot actually refused to take off. Frontier eventually arranged for him and his family to take the next flight where that pilot had no issues with transporting him.


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One Response to “Can it be?”

  1. MD Wade says:

    Feel sorry for the one person who delayed the flight, feel sorry for the rest of the passengers. This was a safety issue, and a few days later the FAA came out and said the use of seatbelt extenders is not an approved use of that equipment. So bad mouth the Captain and the airline, but at the end of the day it was the correct decision.