Blogs About EEOC Lawsuits

Have you noticed the recent increase in Springboard’s blogs about EEOC lawsuits against companies for ADA violations and specifically around accommodations? These blogs are not a scare tactic but rather a reminder that the EEOC is aggressively enforcing the final ADAAA regulations which were released in March of this year. Keep in mind, the new focus is not on the disability itself or even proving that the candidate or employee is disabled, the focus is on providing the reasonable accommodation so that the individual can be successful in the job. If you need assistance, please reach out to Springboard to help your company employ the learnings and best practices required.


This information should not be construed as “legal advice” for a particular set of facts or circumstances. It is intended only to be a practical guide for participants familiar with this subject. Users should seek appropriate legal advice tailored to address their specific situation.