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ADA Blog #66

Are you involved in your state’s Workforce Investment Board?

The Department of Labor provides programs and services in every state. Each state has a state and local Workforce Investment Board representing business, organized labor, migrant farm workers, state legislators, youth and community based organizations, education, county and city elected officials, and state agency heads.

Recently, the U.S. Labor Department awarded over $21 million to 7 additional states to expand its Disability Employment Initiative. A total of 16 state projects are now funded (California, Hawaii, Ohio, South Dakota, Tennessee, Washington, Wisconsin, Alaska, Arkansas, Delaware, Illinois, Kansas, Maine, New Jersey, New York and Virginia).

In general, the Board’s mission is to bring business, labor, education and the public sector together to develop strategies and support efforts to best meet the needs of the state’s workforce and employers, thereby enhancing the state’s competitiveness in the global economy.

Employers are encouraged to get involved with their local workforce investment board to help advise their Governor and assist in preparing the state workforce development plan. It’s a good way to potentially find qualified workers that meet your company’s needs.


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