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ADA Blog #61

Another company is sued by EEOC for denying reasonable accommodation to an employee who was deaf and then firing her. All this employee requested was a sign language interpreter for a training so she could keep on performing her job successfully. This was an employee who worked at Miles Kimball Company in Wisconsin for 13 years. This is one of those cases in which a reasonable accommodation would have made all the difference. An employer would have kept an able and loyal long-term employee. The employee would have kept a needed job. EEOC couldn’t find any “good reason” why Miles Kimball denied her an interpreter and then fired her and now seeks lost wages and compensatory and punitive damages for the employee, an order barring future discrimination, and other relief. In these difficult economic times, it just doesn’t make sense why employers would rather spend more money on litigation than what it would have cost to provide a sign language interpreter for a few hours.


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