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ADA Blog #59

Teleworking is considered a form of reasonable accommodation in some situations. When a woman, who was a double amputee, was forced to resign her position with company when she was unable to relocate to another state due to her disability, EEOC stepped in saying she would have been able to perform her job from home as she requested. After nearly six months of leaving the position unfilled, the company made the position a remote/at-home position, which was what the woman had requested to begin with. When the woman inquired about rehire into her job, she was told that the company, concerned about her disability, had hired another candidate. This case reminds us again, of what happens when we let our unfounded concerns guide our employment decisions. EEOC is seeking an injunction to prohibit the company from engaging in this type of discrimination in the future, as well as monetary relief on the behalf of the former employee.


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