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ADA Blog #58

Lately, there seems to be increased interest by Congress to make sure that all retailers with an online presence modify their websites to be accessible to people with disabilities. For example, many people who are blind use screen reading technology (i.e., Jaws) that speaks the content of what’s on the screen. This interest may escalate attention on employers who already have requirements to ensure their virtual communications are accessible to applicants and employees with disabilities. Do you tell applicants, “Go to the website to apply.” Do you tell employees, “Check your benefits online.” Or, do you respond to employee requests by sending an email? Accessible web design isn’t difficult. Rather than take the risk/expense of incurring a rapid web development project in response to new regulations or litigation, both retailers and employers are encouraged to be proactive. Review your online offerings and have your IT staff make any modifications needed, sooner rather than later.


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