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ADA Blog #44

At the June 2011 Commission meeting, a battery of experts told the EEOC that deliberate discrimination against job seekers based on their race, sex, age, national origin and yes disability, remains a major national problem.

At the start of the meeting, EEOC General Counsel P. David Lopez recounted a hiring case he litigated against WalMart when he was an EEOC trial attorney in Phoenix. The case arose out of a charge by two deaf applicants who were expressly denied by the company because they were deaf. As part of a negotiated settlement, the company aired a commercial on Arizona television stations featuring the two, telling viewers in sign language, with a voiceover, their story and educating the public about the nation’s equal employment laws

The EEOC will continue to address this problem through enhanced education and outreach and through vigorous enforcement of the law. In the meantime, employers can start and/or continue training staff involved in the hiring process. Contact Springboard to help you design & implement a flexible training program tailored to the needs of your company and workforce.


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