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ADA Blog #30

Just a friendly reminder that the revised ADA Regulations became effective on March 15, 2011...

I previously blogged about the importance of making sure we communicate with people, especially those with disabilities, in a way that all information can be understood. The revised regulations include guidance on how to provide effective communication for persons with disabilities. For example, in addition to providing information in other formats for people who have visual impairments (large print, braille, audio recordings), the regulation allows for use of video remote interpreting services as an auxiliary aid if the entity complies with specified performance standards. This is good news for employees with hearing impairments and often a cost-savings tool for employers. And remember, not everyone uses the same way to communicate. Don't assume a person who is blind can read braille. Asking your employee to tell you the best way to communicate in each situation will help create a flexible and effective workplace to get the job done.


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