“Talent Has No Boundaries”

The U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy has announced the official theme for this October's National Disability Employment Awareness Month - Talent Has No Boundaries: Workforce Diversity INCLUDES Workers With Disabilities. The theme reminds all of us that workers with disabilities represent a diverse and vibrant talent pool for hire. In other words, Expectation plus Opportunity equals full participation.

Kathy Martinez, The U.S. Assistant Secretary for Disability Employment Policy was recently quoted as saying, “People with disabilities must be woven into our work culture. Already, we benefit from the incredible array of talent they bring to our workplaces. But we must raise the bar, we must create the inexorable expectation that people with disabilities will contribute in every way to our economic successes. Only by nurturing this expectation and providing people with disabilities with unlimited employment opportunities, can we all benefit from their talents.”

One Response to ““Talent Has No Boundaries””

  1. Hezekiah Wright says:

    Those were powerful words.