We are one accident or illness away from becoming disabled

Have you ever considered that for those of us who currently do not have a disability that we are actually all only one accident or illness away from becoming disabled?

If you are born Hispanic you cannot become Black later in life. However, if you are born able-bodied, you can become a wheelchair user at some later date.

It’s the club that anyone can join at any time and the club that many will join even if the disability is much later in life due to the natural aging process.

Could it be that this hits so close to home that we completely block out the idea and therefore block out the incredible opportunities of hiring and marketing to the disability community?

Perhaps for us TAB’s; and by that I mean temporarily able-bodied, not the drink, it’s just easier to think of accessibility related issues as legal requirements rather than an issues of inclusion.

But remember, what’s easier is not always better. Hiring, supporting and marketing to the disability community is not just the right thing to do, it’s a good thing to do for profitability and productivity.