“On the Job Hunt”, by Jamie Colby

Mr. Al-Momani speaks fluent Arabic and recently graduated from a top rated MBA program in Finance, earning an overall 3.9 GPA. Over the last year he has interviewed with companies, universities, even the U.N. and yet, not even one job offer.

Mr. Al-Momani has a visual impairment that would require him to use special software at work. He also uses a cane which makes his disability visible and in his opinion, often makes for an awkward interview as the employer processes concerns about his ability to do the work and/or his effect on other employees.

Mr. Al-Momani was the subject of a Fox News piece which aired on December 23rd (last month) by Jamie Colby, titled, On the Job Hunt.

Unfortunately, Mr. Al-Momani’s experiences are not unique. As one employer interviewed by Ms. Colby said, his employees with disabilities are extremely loyal and rarely take sick-time. What employer would not want an employee who wants to work, performs well, has low absenteeism and is extremely loyal? And by the way, there are tax benefits as well.

The morale of this story is an old one. Don’t judge a book by its cover; you may be missing out on an incredible story.