Is anyone traveling to Northern Ireland?

A new law recently passed in Northern Ireland making it illegal for transport operators to discriminate against customers who have disabilities.

The "Disability Transport Regulations" cover trains, buses, coaches, taxis and vehicle rentals.

Translink, which is the main provider of public transport in Northern Ireland, said it welcomed the regulations and said all of its new vehicles already meet "the latest accessibility standards including low floor ramped access, dedicated wheelchair space and priority seats" as do their NI Railways trains.

What’s wonderful is that Ireland’s Equality Commission is launching a major advertising campaign to advise people of their new rights and "to make transport operators aware of the guidance available to help them comply with the law".

New legislation, of any type is only as good as the awareness, understanding and compliance around it.

One Response to “Is anyone traveling to Northern Ireland?”

  1. Pete Quinn says:

    Northern Ireland’s Equlaity policies are pretty forward thinking (make sure you distinguish between NI and Ireland).

    Their ‘Religion and Belief’ equality strands are pretty challenging given the histroy there but in other areass bold steps have been taken. In the UK context their equality impact assessments seem quite far reaching.