What are the laws governing employment in Moscow, Russia?

I received a phone call from someone this week asking about the laws governing employment in Russia, Moscow specifically, as she was going to be re-locating to that city after the New Year.

UN experts state that one of the fundamental rights determining the level of conformity by a country’s national policy with international standards is the right of people with disabilities to work.

According to the law in Russia, organizations with more than 100 people, have a quota for disabled employees which is not less than two percent and not more than four percent of the average number of employees. In accordance with this law, working conditions/benefits are created for these employees irrespective of the organization’s legal form or type of ownership. Such benefits are a shorter work day for full pay and thirty days paid vacation annually. Additionally, for those employees who become disabled while working for a company, have priority in retaining their jobs in the event of staff cuts.

Approximately seven percent of Russia’s population is considered to be disabled. Even so, the people of Russia like all other countries are on a journey when it comes to understanding that disability does not equate to inability but rather often equates to unique abilities that lead to increased innovation, productivity and profitability.

I wish Lia much luck in her new home.