KUWAIT recently announced it was launching a campaign entitled, “A Better Environment for Disabled People” to boost disability awareness.

The campaign was kicked off with an event where the Ministers of Commerce & Industry, Public Works and Municipality Affairs all able-bodied, participated using wheelchairs. Some of the Ministers comments included:

"We might end up in wheelchairs due to an illness or an accident; it is important that we join our efforts in making our surrounding environment suitable for the disabled”,

“It is extremely important to create rules and laws that help disabled people participate in the industrial and commercial fields”.

These gentlemen stressed the importance of paving roads and offering facilities for the disabled and pointing out that many people do not understand the difficulty of the situation. They demanded that “those who do not show respect for the disabled, even using the parking spaces designated for them in front of malls and shopping centers, be punished.”

Overall, the comments reflected the attitude that you can create and facilitate but turning words into action is what really matters. Something I believe it true no matter what country we live and work in.

Since 2005 Kuwait has required all new (public) buildings provide access and facilities for people with disabilities. New laws are being introduced regarding modification of older buildings to make them accessible as well.