Does anyone know a student with a disability currently attending or considering applying to Dartmouth University?

A friend of mine just called to tell me about a new student organization called ABLE, Access By Leadership in Equity that has been formed by two students for the purpose of raising awareness of students with both visible and hidden disabilities.

As the parent of a Dartmouth student who has a disability, my friend has been most concerned about the school’s responsiveness to her daughter’s accessibility needs and accommodation requests and hopes this will help her daughter and others like her. My friend says she does not believe in any way that Dartmouth deliberately tries to discriminate against students with disabilities.

From my perspective it is no different than what we see in Corporate America; a general lack of awareness which can often be remedied with high quality comprehensive disability etiquette and awareness training and a solid disability Employee Resource Group. It sounds to me like ABLE may become Dartmouth’s student equivalent to such a group. Stay tuned.

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