All of my readers who are responsible for consumer marketing must read the following:

“Huge success. It was so special and wonderful. What a rare opportunity. It was amazing and heartwarming. What a joy to see the excitement on the faces of the young women like my daughter being treated so wonderfully in a retail environment, for what I am sure was the first time, just hopefully not the last. I only patron certain companies because of their accommodations, understanding and interest in special needs families. We are quite a loyal group! I hope they made a lot of money from us. They deserve it.”

These are just some of the quotes from individuals who attended a recent retailer’s event targeted at the special needs community. These words are music to a marketer’s ears because they quite simply convert to revenue and sustainable revenue at that. If you are not currently hearing these words from your customers then you are either not marketing to the disability community or if you are, you’re not doing so in an appropriate manner.

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