Caltrans: will spend a billion dollars to improve sidewalk access…

Caltrans, which own and maintains California’s state highways, plans to spend a billion dollars over the next thirty years to improve sidewalk access as well as Park and Ride facilities next to public transportation hubs as a result of a landmark class action settlement for disability access. The improvements will include curbed ramps as well as yellow detectable warnings.

This settlement is the largest Americans with Disabilities Act settlement involving architectural barriers to date.

The complaint was made when an individual who is blind almost got hit by a car, thinking he was standing on the curb when he was actually standing in the gutter. Though a lawsuit was not planned, it is how the issue was finally resolved.

Unfortunately, it is how many of these types of issues get resolved. You then have to ask yourself why; particularly, when the ADA clearly requires sidewalks to be safe for people with disabilities.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every street in the country had a curb ramp?