Ari Ne’eman

After months of delay, the Senate unanimously confirmed Ari Ne’eman to become the first person with autism to serve on the National Council on Disability. In December President Barack Obama nominated eight new members to the National Council on Disability, which makes recommendations to the president and Congress on disability issues. Early this year, all of the nominations were confirmed except that of Ne’eman because one or more members of the Senate placed an anonymous hold on the nomination. Though no-one knows why the hold was place, some thought it was Mr. Ne’eman’s sometimes divisive views on Autism such as his believe that the disease cannot be cured. In the end, Senators voted unanimously to confirm this post. Additionally, votes were secured to eliminate the Senate rules that allowed anonymous bar holds. Mr. Ne’eman is also the founder of the Autistic Self-Advocacy Network.

One Response to “Ari Ne’eman”

  1. Dean says:

    Why should his views on Autism prevent him taking such an important role. Is their any medical proof that autism can be cured or has it more to do with politicla interests rather than truth and evidence which says it can?