ADA / ADAAA Services



Get 24-hour turnaround on your most pressing and challenging ADA-related questions such as:

  • How to I determine if this request for an accommodation is "reasonable"?
  • Can I terminate an employee who has a disability but has a performance issue?
  • When is enough, "enough" in terms of providing accommodations?
  • Where does ADA and FMLA intersect and how do we handle leave requests?
  • We need help in understanding the intersection between the various federal laws such as ADA, Worker's Compensation, FMLA and OSHA.
  • Can we centralize requests for Reasonable Accommodations and if so, how?
  • What questions can I ask during an interview?
  • How do we provide an accommodation for someone who won't officially disclose their disability?
  • Are we responsible for hiring a sign language interpreter during meetings and trainings? If so, for which one and when?
  • Are there tax incentives available when hiring a person with a disability or conducting barrier removal and if so, what are they?
  • What types of medical information can we request of an individual with a disability and when?
  • What do we do when a reasonable accommodation causes unrest among other employees?
  • How do we go about implementing an accommodation request when we don't have the resources or information to identify proper assistive technology or other equipment?
  • How do we properly work with employees who have hidden disabilities such as psychiatric, diabetes, epilepsy, etc.?
  • How do we appropriately market job opportunities to individuals with disabilities?

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Professionals from Diversity, Human Resources, EEO, Recruiters, General Counsel, Managers and more.

** None of the information rendered should be considered legal advice or should be acted upon without prior consultation with appropriate professional advisors.