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The Ripple Effect


Some of Our Clients’ Customers and Employee’s

"I’m a grandmother who has twin grandsons with Autism. Buying developmentally appropriate toys for them is always a challenge. A friend of mine recently introduced me to the Differently Abled Guide put out by Toys R Us. This has helped me tremendously. I now share this with others who have similar family situations.” B.A. in Los Angeles, CA.

"An accident eight years ago left me a parapalegic. I travel frequently for my job which requires me to rent cars. After the accident I found this to be quite difficult, that is until I learned about Avis’s program to rent specially equipped cars for people with disabilities. A big thumbs up for Avis!” J.S. in New York, NY

"I've been working for a financial services company for fifteen years. I am also someone who has a hidden disability. Imagine my surprize when I was invited to participate in a training session on disability etiquette and awareness. I was never so proud of my employer as I was that day." D.D. in Omaha, NE

"I'm a corporate recruiter recently charged with sourcing candidates who have a disability. I am grateful to being provided with the information and tools required to efficiently locate these extemely qualified and often overlooked individuals". R.A. in New Brunswick, NJ

"Hooray for Bank of America and their lower level ATM machines. I use a wheelchair and rely on the ease of using these machines to access my money.” A.G. in San Francisco, CA

“I attended a parent support group meeting last week where the speaker was from Prudential's Special Needs Solutions Program. This woman changed myfamily's life. She helped me plan for my son’s future for after I’m gone. I'm eternally grateful.” C.V. in St. Louis, MO

"My employer regularly celebrates national recognition months and for the first time, will be celebrating National Disability Awareness Month in October. As a parent of a child who has special needs, I finally feel I can bring my whole-self to the office". E.U. in Philadelphia, PA

“I work for IBM. I also have a child with a very rare disability who requires intensive medical care. My employer has a special program that helps us obtain and pay for the 24/7 care my son needs. I work for the best company in the world.” S.K. in White Plains, NY.

"My mother, daughter and I all attended an event at Sephora in celebration of moms who have children with special needs. My daughter has never been made to feel so special and beautiful. One big, heartfelt thank you to Sephora." D.L. in Short Hills, NJ

“I was shopping with my teenage daughter in Home Depot last month. The man who asked us if we needed any help had Down Syndrome. So does my daughter. I cannot begin to tell you how wonderful it was for my daughter to see this young man, someone just like her, working, Now that’s all she talks about is working at Home Depot when she graduates high school.” N.M. in Atlanta, GA

"My child was recently diagnosed with a developmental disability. I was concerned about the time I was going to need to take off from work to locate resources. That is, until I was told of our company's special needs intranet site. I was able to locate a support group, caregiver information, even special schools. Wow!

“Sing language on a children's TV program? Yep, that's exactly what my child experienced while watching a show on PBS Sprout. For a mom who is hearing impaired, this was truly amazing! Thank you Sprout". M.L. Philadelphia, PA

" My company recently added a resource group for employees with disabilities. It wasn't until I attended a group meeting did I realize just how many employees share many of my life experiences. It was amazing.


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