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The Ripple Effect


What People Are Saying About Nadine’s Book, DIVE IN

“Education and technology are the two great equalizers in life, leveling the playing field for everyone, especially the disabled. DIVE IN provides the information and tools to better understand how to remove the barriers to employing this large, loyal segment of the population and in doing so, improve productivity and profitability."

John Chambers, Chairman and CEO, Cisco

“It is important that all stakeholders, from educators to government officials to private sector employers focus on making the recruitment, hiring and retention of people with disabilities a priority and business objective. This is not simply because it’s the right or nice thing to do. Just as with other members of diverse work forces, people with disabilities bring new approaches to innovation and productivity that drive real business improvement. It is also important to consider the benefits to an organization’s corporate social responsibility efforts that engaging this important segment of the workforce will provide. This is why DIVE IN is such an important book for anyone in business.”

Tig Gilliam, CEO Adecco Group North America

“At KPMG, we are committed to an inclusive culture that supports diversity and values the perspectives and experiences of all our people, including, as Dive In points out, people with disabilities. Highly skilled, fully engaged, diverse global talent enrich our organization and are critical to the success of our firm.”

John B. Veihmeyer, CEO, KPMG LLP

“Dive In sheds light on the largest minority in the world--the special needs workforce, also the most overlooked segment of the population. Nadine Vogel urges U.S. corporations to open their eyes to these underutilized employees who are well-educated, talented, and ready to work. Hers is a stirring, irrefutable argument not to be missed.”

Carol Evans, President, Working Mother Media, A Division of Bonnier Corporation

“Great companies take care of their employees – all their employees. Nadine Vogel has written a book that will help companies do a better job at that by overturning common assumptions about hiring and supporting those who either have a disability or have a family member with special needs. She is a leader in her field.”

Keith Ferrazzi, CEO and bestselling Author of Who's Got Your Back

“We are clearly in an era where being great means doing good. Means being responsible. Means employing people with special needs and allowing them to feel like every employee – part of a team with a purpose; a team whose leader has a clear vision of collaborating to reach a goal. Dive In brings this new responsibility to life in a very personal and relevant way. It is a must read for any corporate leader today.”

Thomas L. Harrison, LH.D., Chairman & CEO, Diversified Agency Services DivisionOmnicom Group, Inc

"For me, the reason to Dive In is quite simple. Embracing the special needs community is the biggest step we can take toward creating a fully human workplace. And a fully human workplace is a magnet for customers, colleagues and the very best of business practices."

Stephen C. Lundin Ph.D. is the author of FISH! A Remarkable Way to Boost Morale and Improve Results and CATS: The Nine Lives of Innovation. His book FISH! was inspired by the special needs community.

“Today’s global economy offers unprecedented opportunities to incorporate the talents of all members of our society into the workforce. Organizations that promote a culture of inclusiveness attract, motivate and retain employees based upon their abilities. Vogel’s book is a timely reminder of the importance and benefits of including people with special needs in the labor force”.

From Anne C. Ruddy, CCP, CPCU, President, WorldatWork

"In today's highly competitive work environment, a diverse workforce is absolutely essential. Nadine reminds us all that the talent pool must be inclusive of everyone, including those with special needs -- what we do as leaders to attract and retain this pool and the extent we're willing to expand our view on what is possible, the better positioned we will be to realize true change. With "DIVE IN," Nadine sets you on the right course! Well done!”

CAPT Ken Barrett, Diversity Director, U.S. Navy

“The success of the Civil Rights movement established the ideas of equal opportunity and non-discrimination as fundamental, common values across an otherwise fractious ideological spectrum. We have arrived at a moment of significant opportunity for people with disabilities to make their desire for employment better understood and to draw corrective attention to the barriers they continue to face.

The examples captured in DIVE IN, Springboard into the Profitability, Productivity and Potential of the Special Needs Workforce can inspire the basis for a more constructive alliance between workforce programs and potential employers.”

Carol Glazer, President, National Organization on Disability

“Nadine Vogel has always been a powerful and compelling voice for the special needs workforce and for the employed parents of special needs children. With this book, her important wisdom should and will reach far and wide.”

Ellen Galinsky, President, Families and Work Institute

“Nadine Vogel is a leader in helping organizations create effective workplaces that include employees who either have a disability or a dependent with special needs. This is a much larger segment of the employee population than many people realize. Dive in should be required reading for anyone with an interest in work/life arena.”

Prof. Brad Harrington, Executive Director, Center for Work & Family, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

“The chance to contribute, to work, to be valued – that’s the prize! It’s time to open the doors for the full range of human gifts. Read this book. It will show you how.”

Timothy P. Shriver, Ph.D., Chairman & CEO of Special Olympics

“DIVE IN presents important new as well as proven techniques to advance the employment of people with disabilities, as presented by Nadine Vogel and some of the most respected disability employers and their leaders, namely IBM’s John Evans and McDonald’s Kevin Bradley. Lessons imparted are ‘learn from the best, especially your employees with disabilities’ and ‘don’t’ be afraid to fail a few times to ultimately achieve the culturally complete inclusion of people with disabilities in any and every position in the company’. These, among the many lessons, are great for every employer to know.”

John D. Kemp, Esq., Executive Director and General Counsel, U.S. Business Leadership Network

Dive In illustrates how the interests of businesses, communities and working families who have dependents with special needs intersect in a talent pipeline that when met with understanding, support and collaboration, can almost guarantee success. This book is a must read for business leaders across Corporate America.”

Donna Klein, President & Founder, Corporate Voices for Working Families

“Small businesses, whether a start up or established enterprise, need the right information from the right source at the right time. DIVE IN does just that with comprehensive, just in time information about the special needs workforce delivered by today’s leading authority. It’s a must read for every entrepreneur, no matter their business.”

Susan Wilson Solovic, CEO, co-founder SBTV.com

“In these challenging economic times, no competitive advantage can be overlooked. With practical advice and common sense, Vogel shows us how to tap into the huge untapped talent pool of the special needs workforce.”

Peter Blanck, University Professor & Chairman Burton Blatt Institute, Syracuse University

  • "Dive In really opened my eyes on a subject that has been sorely neglected for far too long. It not only provides insights into the profitability, productivity, and potential of the special needs population, it provides clear - and often simple - examples of how to create a dynamic, diverse and all-inclusive work environment. It should be required reading for everyone in business."
  • "I have just completed reading this book in manuscript form. It is fabulous and a must read for anyone who manages others but really for everyone, everywhere. Afterall, people with disabilities or those who have children with disabilities are everywhere".


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