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EEOC and Department of Labor could receive a major financial boost in 2010

It was announced yesterday that the EEOC and Department of Labor could receive a major financial boost in 2010. The House approved a massive $447 billion spending bill of which $367 million is earmarked for the EEOC. This reflects a $23 million increase over 2009. The bill is now with the Senate and must be passed by 12/18/09. Why is this important for employers? Because in 2008 the EEOC received 95,402 private-sector discrimination charges, the biggest increase in the agency’s 44-year history. While not all of these charges were from employees who are disabled, many were. No matter how this bill plays out, President Obama’s administration is placing a high priority on employment and labor law reform, particularly the laws designed to protect employees, including those with disabilities.

In light of this, Springboard suggests kicking off the new year with the following:

  • An internal audit to identify any issues that may require immediate attention
  • A review of all employee policies and procedures in light of the ADA Amendment Act which took effect earlier this year
  • Consider developing a RAC, reasonable accommodation committee
  • Step up your disability etiquette and awareness training program

Keep in mind that Springboard offers an ADA Hotline. Please visit www.consultspringboard.com/category/ada-adaaa/ to learn more.